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 World Health Day 2011





Inappropriate use of antibiotics helps bacteria to mutate and be resistant to the medicines. As the result, the world worries that one day soon, antibiotics will no longer be effective to various bacterial infections.


WHO flags this issue by having “Antimicrobial Resistance” as the global theme for the World Health Day 2011. Considering the regional situation, our South East Asia region adapted the global theme and use “Use Antibiotics Rationally” as the regional slogan.


We hope that this World Health Day’s events will raise people’s awareness about the importance of using antibiotics correctly. People need to understand that as it is more difficult to have effective antibiotics to kill bacteria, it is more difficult for infected people to recover. The treatment will need stronger antibiotics for a longer time. Irrational use of antibiotics accelerates the bacteria resistance. The complex and long process of antibiotics development will not be able to catch up with the mutation. Eventually, there will be no antibiotics to cure even simple diseases.


What we all can do, as the first step is to attain correct information about the rational use of antibiotics. First fact: antibiotics kill bacteria. It cannot cure diseases caused by virus. For more information, you could visit these links:

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For fast facts on antimicrobial resistance and rational use of antibiotics in Bahasa Indonesia, please see: FAQS and Messages, Leaflet for public, and Leaflet for stakeholders.


For further information go to www.searo.who.int or contact:


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Ms Vismita Gupta-Smith

Public Information and Advocacy Officer

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Jakarta, Indonesia:     

Ms Nursila Dewi

Communication Officer

WHO Indonesia


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Activities on World Health Day 2011


Seminar : “Antimicrobial Resistance – Containment and Prevention”


Wednesday, 7 April 2011



Public Event: Aerobic, Fun Walk and Fun Bike


Sunday, 10 April 2011